🌐 JS SDK v1.0.7: Shared Array Buffer & Safari crash fix

Release date: 14 February, 2023

What's new

βž• New functionality

Added support for Shared Array Buffer, a new feature that allows for efficient inter-thread communication and synchronization in JavaScript.

Key Features:

  • Support for Shared Array Buffer, a low-level mechanism for sharing memory between threads
  • Configurable option for enabling/disabling Shared Array Buffer. The setting is disabled by default.
  • Improved performance for multi-threaded application resulting in reduced CPU usage and battery consumption

❗Please note that Shared Array Buffers come with some security concerns. As a result, the use of Shared Array Buffers is disabled by default in many browsers and environments. To enable support for Shared Array Buffers, you may need to modify your browser or system settings.

🐜 Bug-fixes

We have identified and resolved a bug related to the use of the .at method in Safari. Previously, this method would trigger a type error in certain cases, causing unexpected behavior.

With this bug-fix, the .at method can now be used without encountering a type error, ensuring smoother and more reliable performance of our SDK on this browser. It should be noted, however, that overall support for Safari is still unstable due to this browser's own limitations and bugs.