🌐 JS SDK v1.0.8: Output buffer cap & Unsupported alert

Release date: 20 February, 2023

What's New

πŸ’Ÿ Improvements

Output buffer management

Optimizations in output buffer management have been achieved by limiting the output buffer size to ensure smooth and reliable performance of the SDK.

When the output buffer reaches a certain limit, the excess data is released. This will ensure that data is processed seamlessly and efficiently without causing delays.

The new output buffer size limit will help to prevent potential memory issues and enable better resource management, resulting in more efficient and stable performance of the SDK.

Unsupported versions and sampling rates

With this update, our SDK now includes additional safeguards to prevent potential issues caused by unsupported audio sampling rates. We will now automatically detect when an audio input stream with an unsupported sampling rate is used and will provide an error alert. This will help to ensure that audio playback is consistent across all supported platforms and devices.

In addition, the updated SDK includes checks for unsupported browser versions. If the SDK detects that the user's browser is not supported, it will display an error message informing the user that they need to use a supported version.