🌐 JS SDK v1.0.9: Input device change handling & Local hostname support

Release date: 7 March, 2023

What's New

:heavy-plus-sign: New functionality

Audio Input Device Change Handling

We have included a new example in the package which illustrates how to handle specific cases of audio input device change. In some situations, changing the device (eg from built-in mic to AirPods) may lead to modifications in the sampling rate of the audio which in turn may result in audio quality issues. With this new example, developers can find out how to handle such cases and ensure that proper audio quality is maintained.

isSupported and onDispose Methods

The following two methods have been added which offer additional functionality and help improve the overall performance of the SDK.

  • isSupported
    The new isSupported method allows developers to check if the SDK is supported in the current environment before initializing it. This helps to prevent unnecessary errors or performance issues, and ensures that the SDK is only used in environments where it is fully supported.
    The method is called viaKrispSDK.isSupported()
  • onDispose
    The new onDispose method provides a way for developers to clean up any resources or state associated with the SDK when it is no longer needed or should be modified/restarted. This can help to improve the performance of the application by reducing the memory footprint and avoiding possible delays.
    The method is called via KrispSDK.createNoiseFilter(audioContext, onReady, onDispose)

:heart-decoration: Improvements

Support for Wider Range of URLs

The SDK has been updated to support a broader range of URL formats, including local hostnames with specified ports. This allows to use the SDK in a more diverse set of environments, allowing for greater flexibility and customization matching customer application requirements.