🖥️ SDK v6.0 (Desktop): CPU optimization & Call Stats

Release date: 17 February, 2023

What's new

:heavy-plus-sign: New Functionality

Call Stats now available in SDK!

We have introduced an algorithm that is used to calculate real-time and end-of-call statistics. This feature has been available in Krisp app for some time and is also supported in SDK now.

The real-time algorithm retrieves per-frame statistics about the levels of processed voice and removed noise. These statistics are represented as values within the range of 0 to 100, indicating the amount of voice and removed noise in each frame.

In addition to per-frame statistics, the algorithm includes an end-of-stream feature that enables users to retrieve information on the amount of removed noise classified into four categories: no noise, low, medium, and high. This feature also provides information on the total talk time accumulated from the start of the processing until the point at which the statistics are retrieved.

Call Stats Sample app

A respective sample app has also been made available and can be accessed from the Native Apps Integration How-to.

:heart-decoration: Improvements

CPU optimization

New logic has been added to our Noise Cancellation models, which helps to reduce CPU usage by optimizing the processing on certain frames without any impact on the quality of the output. This helps to conserve resources preserving the overall performance of the models.

Session Restart performance

We have enhanced the SDK's session restart performance for cases when switching Krisp off and back on could cause temporary degradation of noise cancellation quality. This improvement helps to avoid extra latency caused by the restart of certain underlying algorithms like resampling, resulting in a smoother experience.