Krisp offers tools for investigating the interaction between the Krisp SDK and your application. If your voice behaves unexpectedly, enabling Debug Mode should be your first step.

Enabling Debug Mode

To enable Debug Mode, simply switch the debugLogs flag when initializing the Krisp SDK in your code:

const sdk = new KrispSDK({
    params: {
      debugLogs: true

Once debugLogs property is set to true in your integrated webpage, the Krisp debugging widget will appear, indicating that Debug Mode is active and all SDK logs, input/output streams are being recorded.

When you notice unexpected voice behavior, you can click on the Download Log Report button to obtain a comprehensive report for the current session. The report file is in HTML format, and it contains all the recorded information from the browser. You can share this report file with us to get an overview of what might be going wrong in your application.