Krisp SDK

This page will help you get started with Krisp SDK

📝 What is Krisp SDK?

Krisp SDK is a collection of real-time AI-powered technologies that improve speech clarity in real-time communication applications such as

  • Online video and audio conferencing
  • Online collaboration
  • Streaming, broadcasting or podcasting
  • Mobile calls

Currently, Krisp SDK has been deployed on more than 200M+ devices and is clearing 75B+ mins of speech every month. It is integrated inside apps such as Discord, RingCentral, and Twilio Video SDK.

Krisp SDK includes an impressive collection of AI-powered technologies that can be integrated into your application:

Real-Time AI Noise Cancellation

In real-time, separates background noises from a human voice, both inbound and outbound.

Real-Time AI De-Reverb

In real-time, separates reverb (room echo) from the human voice.

Real-Time Background Voice Cancellation

In real-time, separates background voices and noises from the main speaker's voice.

Real-Time AI Noise and Voice Statistics

In real-time, evaluates the level of noise and voice in the audio stream.

How Does it Work?

Runs on local device

  • No server-side processing
  • Integrates into the local application’s audio path (e.g. WebRTC)

Adds minimum latency

  • Not noticeable for real-time communications
  • Measured latency dependent on frame size and platform

Multiple models for different needs

  • Supports NB, WB and Full-Band audio
  • Supports different CPU speeds

Removed noise types

  • Office, Street, Chatter, Baby, Animals, Keyboard, Fan, etc