Speech Quality

At Krisp, we perform extensive in-house and 3rd party testing for all of our audio technologies to ensure that they have state of art quality and performance. Our 3rd party testing partners include Head Acoustics and SigmaConnectivity. Krisp is tested for the robustness of its noise cancelation and resulting voice quality.

When assessing the quality of the algorithms it must be noted that our AI models are primarily designed for close proximity near-field acoustic environments with a sound source radius of <50cm (mouth to microphone distance). The effectiveness of the algorithm in more distant acoustic environments will depend on a variety of factors such as distance, echo levels, sound-to-noise ratio (SNR), and the characteristics of the audio system/device.

3QUEST evaluations

SigmaConnectivity tested Krisp and compared the same test results from Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx and GoogleMeet. Krisp outperforms each platform for both the noise cancelation (N-MOS) and resulting speech quality (S-MOS). Note that 0.2 difference in MOS is perceived by humans, and 0.5 difference in MOS is considered material.

The tests conform with Microsoft Teams specification v4 Chapter 4.4.1 Send Path – Send Quality In The Presence of Ambient Noise. Tests were conducted in SigmaConnectivity ETSI room using metric 3QUEST ETSI TS 103 281 on the latest versions of the selected communications platforms as of Q4 2022. Results of the different NC models used by the platforms are averaged.